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1997 Share-tenancy within the household unit Bøe, Turid
2001 A balanced view of development as freedom Tungodden, Bertil
2001 Humanitarian Challenges in Afghanistan: Administrative Structures and Gender and Assistance Strand, Arne; Ask, Karin; Harpviken, Kristian Berg
2003 When women grow wings: Gender relations in the informal economy of Kampala Lange, Siri
2005 Afghanistan: Findings on Education, Environment, Gender, Health, Livelihood and Water and Sanitation. From Multidonor Evaluation of Emergency and Reconstruction Assistance from Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom Munsch, Holger; Saba, Daud; Basiri, Sadiqa; Taksdal, Merete; Grey, Sarah; Ellert, Richard
2005 "Money has no Name": Informalisation, Unemployment and changing Gender Relations in Accara, Ghana Overå, Ragnhild
2006 Palestinian Women: Is there a Unitary Conception of Rights? Kjøstvedt, Hilde
2006 Mid-Term Review of the Angola Programme of Norwegian People's Aid Isaksen, Jan; Samset, Ingrid; Pacheco, Fernando
2007 Discrimination in the Name of Religious Freedom: The Rights of Women and Non-Muslims after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan Tønnessen, Liv; Roald, Anne Sofie
2007 Gendered Citizenship in Sudan: Competing Perceptions of Women's Civil Rights within the Family Laws among Northern and Southern Elites in Khartoum Tønnessen, Liv
2007 When Men do Women's Work : Structural Adjustment , Unemployment and Changing Gender Relations in the Informal Economy of Accra, Ghana Overå, Ragnhild
2008 Decentralisation and Gender Coordination and Cooperation on Maternal Health Issues in Selected District Councils in Tanzania Schanke, Liss; Lange, Siri
2010 "A woman should not be the boss when a man is present": Gender and poverty in Southern Mozambique Tvedten, Inge; Paulo, Margarida; Tuominen, Minna


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