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1992 Trade Unions in Processes of Democratisation. A Study of Party Labour Relations in Zambia Rakner, Lise
1993 Development Planning and the Importance of Democratic Institutions in Botswana Danevad, Andreas
1994 Do Interest Groups Matter in Economic Policy-Making? Reflections from a Zambian case study Rakner, Lise
1996 Botswana - 30 years of economic growth, democracy and aid: Is there a connection? Rakner, Lise
1996 Eneweyay (Let's Discuss). Report from a training programme for democracy in rural Ethiopia Pausewang, Siegfried
1996 Political Institutions and Economic Reform: Zambia and South Africa in Comparative Context Rakner, Lise; Skålnes, Tor
1997 Democracy and Violence: The Colombian Paradox Tuft, Eva Irene
2001 A balanced view of development as freedom Tungodden, Bertil
2001 Rainbow justice and peace building. South Africa 1994-2001 Tjønneland, Elling N.
2001 Does Parliament Matter in New Democracies? The Case of South Africa 1994-2000 Mathisen, Harald W.; Tjønneland, Elling N.
2002 Funding political parties in emerging African democracies: What role for Norway? Mathisen, Harald; Svåsand, Lars
2002 A review of Ireland Aid's Human Rights and Democratisation Scheme Sørbø, Gunnar M.; Skaar, Elin; Stokke, Hugo
2003 Political Islam in the Middle East Knudsen, Are
2005 The Accountability Function of Parliament in New Democracies: Tanzanian Perspectives Wang, Vibeke
2009 Exploring new political alternatives for the Oromo in Ethiopia. Report from Oromo workshop and its after-effects Pausewang, Siegfried (ed.)


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