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2003 The SAPRIN Report: An assessment of the empirical analysis supporting main conclusions Villanger, Espen; Pausewang, Siegfried; Jerve, Alf Morten
2003 Verdensbankens strukturtilpasningsprogrammer: Virkninger og politiske linjeskift Villanger, Espen
2003 Company influence on foreign aid disbursement: Is conditionality credible when donors have mixed motives? Villanger, Espen
2003 Company interests and foreign aid policy: Playing donors out against each other Villanger, Espen
2003 The effects of disasters on income mobility: Bootstrap inference and measurement error simulations Villanger, Espen
2004 Social development and industry level foreign direct investment Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2004 How does social development affect FDI and domestic investment? Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2004 Determinants of foreign direct investment in services Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2004 Powerful donors and foreign policy: The role of multilateral financial institutions Villanger, Espen
2004 The role of participation and empowerment in income and poverty dynamics in Indonesia 1993-2000 Villanger, Espen; Enes, Anette
2004 Promoting investment in small Caribbean states Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2005 Does Social Development Affect Poverty? The Role of Participation in Income Dynamics in Indonesia 1993-2000 Villanger, Espen
2005 "Economic Aid to Post-Conflict Countries: A Methodological Critique of Collier and Hoeffler" Suhrke, Astri; Villanger, Espen; Woodward, Susan L.
2006 Is Bonded Labor Voluntary? Evidence from the Liberation of the Kamaiyas in the Far-Western Region of Nepal Villanger, Espen
2006 Economic Prospects for Ethiopia and Challenges for Poverty Reduction Villanger, Espen
2006 Is Bonded Labor Voluntary? A Framework against Forced Work Villanger, Espen
2007 Arab Foreign Aid: Disbursement Patterns, Aid Policies and Motives Villanger, Espen
2007 Will International Trade Reduce Poverty? A Background Note to Norad Wiig, Arne; Tøndel, Line; Villanger, Espen; Mæstad, Ottar
2008 Accounting for poverty reduction in Norwegian development aid to Mozambique Tvedten, Inge; Villanger, Espen


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