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1995 South African Manufacturing Industries - Catching up or Falling Behind? Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
1996 Trade and Growth with Static and Dynamic Economies of Scale Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
1997 Economic development and industrial structure - an overview Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
1997 Some reasons why capital does not flow from rich to poor countries Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
1997 Terms of Trade and Economic Growth in a World of Constrained Capital Mobility Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
1998 Macmod, a macroeconomic model for the Tanzanian economy Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik; Angelsen, Arild
1998 Criteria for general budget support and general sector support. Report commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
1999 Effekter i mottakerlandene av norske petroleumsinvesteringer med hovedvekt på Angola Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik; Tvedten, Inge; Wiig, Arne
1999 Liberalization of Trade in Producer Services - the Impact on Developing Countries Hodge, James; Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
1999 The impact of the financial and economic crisis in Asia on Norway's major development partners. Report submitted to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik; Tenold, Stig
2000 Mozambique - a sub-Saharan African NIC? Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik; Pretorius, Leon
2000 Gullfaks - the first Norwegian oil field developed and operated by Norwegian companies Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2000 The Snorre Field and the Rise and Fall of Saga Petroleum Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2000 Angola 1999/2000. Key Development Issues and National Research Capacity Tvedten, Inge; Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2000 Impacto do investimento petrolífero Norueguês nos países de acolhimento, com especial ênfase para Angola Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik; Tvedten, Inge; Wiig, Arne
2000 The Role of Government in Growth and Income Distribution: The Case of Botswana Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2000 Liberalization of trade in services and choice of technology in the Norwegian petroleum sector Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2000 Patterns of foreign direct investment in poor countries Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2000 Oil-related producer services and productivity - the case of Norway Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik; Kvaløy, Ola


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