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2002 Social Development and Foreign Direct Investments in Developing Countries Kolstad, Ivar; Tøndel, Line
2002 A cost-benefit framework for allocating SPS-related technical assistance Kolstad, Ivar; Wiig, Arne
2003 Autonomy, Incentives and Patronage. A Study of Corruption in the Tanzania and Uganda Revenue Authorities Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Kolstad, Ivar; Lange, Siri
2003 The evolution of social norms Kolstad, Ivar
2003 Lowering barriers to agricultural exports through technical assistance Wiig, Arne; Kolstad, Ivar
2004 Social development and industry level foreign direct investment Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2004 How does social development affect FDI and domestic investment? Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2004 What constitutes a convention? Implications for the coexistence of conventions Kolstad, Ivar
2004 Determinants of foreign direct investment in services Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2004 Promoting investment in small Caribbean states Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2006 Why firms should not always maximize profits Kolstad, Ivar
2006 Bribes, taxes and regulations: Business constraints for micro enterprises in Tanzania Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Kolstad, Ivar; Nygaard, Knut
2007 The Resource Curse: Which Institutions Matter? Kolstad, Ivar
2007 Human Rights and Assigned Duties: Implications for Corporations Kolstad, Ivar
2008 Hvordan gjøre gode ting bedre? Norske bedrifters CSR aktiviteter i utviklingsland Kolstad, Ivar; Wiig, Arne; Larsen, Heidi
2009 What determines Chinese outward FDI? Kolstad, Ivar; Wiig, Arne


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