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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Business Corruption, Uncertainty and Risk Aversion Søreide, Tina
1997 Can national identity be built on local democracy? Pausewang, Siegfried
1998 Cannibalism and the optimal sharing of the North-East Atlantic cod stock: A computation model Armstrong, C.W.; Sumaila, U.R.
2010 Caste, local networks and lucrative jobs: Evidence from rural Nepal Hatlebakk, Magnus; Iversen, Vegard; Torsvik, Gaute
2006 China in Africa. Implications for Norwegian Foreign and Development Policies Tjønneland, Elling N.; Brandtzæg, Bjørn; Kolås, Åshild; Le Pere, Garth
2006 Civil Society in Angola: Inroads, Space and Accountability Amundsen, Inge; Abreu, Cesaltina
2000 Civil Society in Tanzania Lange, Siri; Wallevik, Hege; Kiondo, Andrew
2002 Clientelist Politics. State formation and corruption in Palestine 1994-2000 Amundsen, Inge; Ezbidi, Basem
1997 CMI and Bangladesh: 40 years of collaboration and institutional capacity building Miranda, Armindo; Nordbye, Ole David Koht
1996 CMI Bibliography 1965-1995 Brekke, Hilde; Sperrevik, Hilde
1995 Coconuts and Cultivation in the Philippines. A Study of Social Formation in Candelaria, Quezon Province Skåre, Guro
2004 Coffee, Co-operatives and Competition: The Impact of Fair Trade Milford, Anna
2008 Collaboration on Anti-Corruption Norway and Brazil Søreide, Tina; Abramo, Claudio Weber
1996 Collective Identities and Social Movements Stokke, Hugo; Tjomsland, Marit
2003 Community Driven Development in Contexts of Conflict. Concept Paper Commissioned by ESSD, World Bank Strand, Arne; Toje, Hege; Jerve, Alf Morten; Samset, Ingrid
2003 Company influence on foreign aid disbursement: Is conditionality credible when donors have mixed motives? Villanger, Espen
2003 Company interests and foreign aid policy: Playing donors out against each other Villanger, Espen
2009 Conciliatory approches to the insurgency in Afghanistan: An overview Suhrke, Astri; Chaudhary, Torunn Wimpelmann; Hakimi, Aziz; Harpviken, Kristian Berg; Sarwari, Akbar; Strand, Arne
2004 Conflictual Peacebuilding: Afghanistan Two Years after Bonn Suhrke, Astri; Harpviken, Kristian Berg; Strand, Arne
1992 Constraints for a Conservation-Based Agricultural Development Policy in Ethiopia. A Baseline Study in Fedis Awraja Cheru, Fantu
1999 Controlling fiscal corruption. Theoretical approaches and illustrations from Tanzania Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge
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