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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Bribes, taxes and regulations: Business constraints for micro enterprises in Tanzania Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Kolstad, Ivar; Nygaard, Knut
2006 Bridging Research and Development Assistance. A Review of Danish Research Networks Tostensen, Arne
2007 Budget, State and People. Budget Process, Civil Society and Transparency in Angola Isaksen, Jan; Amundsen, Inge; Wiig, Arne; with Abreu, Cesaltina
2009 Building capacity for development and food security in Malawi. Mid-term review fo the Bunda College Capacity Building Programme (BCDP) Nyirenda, Ramji; Tostensen, Arne
2008 Bureaucratic Complexity and Impacts of Corruption in Utilities Tøndel, Line; Søreide, Tina
2006 Business Corruption, Uncertainty and Risk Aversion Søreide, Tina
1997 Can national identity be built on local democracy? Pausewang, Siegfried
1998 Cannibalism and the optimal sharing of the North-East Atlantic cod stock: A computation model Armstrong, C.W.; Sumaila, U.R.
2010 Caste, local networks and lucrative jobs: Evidence from rural Nepal Hatlebakk, Magnus; Iversen, Vegard; Torsvik, Gaute
2006 China in Africa. Implications for Norwegian Foreign and Development Policies Tjønneland, Elling N.; Brandtzæg, Bjørn; Kolås, Åshild; Le Pere, Garth
2006 Civil Society in Angola: Inroads, Space and Accountability Amundsen, Inge; Abreu, Cesaltina
2000 Civil Society in Tanzania Lange, Siri; Wallevik, Hege; Kiondo, Andrew
2002 Clientelist Politics. State formation and corruption in Palestine 1994-2000 Amundsen, Inge; Ezbidi, Basem
1997 CMI and Bangladesh: 40 years of collaboration and institutional capacity building Miranda, Armindo; Nordbye, Ole David Koht
1996 CMI Bibliography 1965-1995 Brekke, Hilde; Sperrevik, Hilde
1995 Coconuts and Cultivation in the Philippines. A Study of Social Formation in Candelaria, Quezon Province Skåre, Guro
2004 Coffee, Co-operatives and Competition: The Impact of Fair Trade Milford, Anna
2008 Collaboration on Anti-Corruption Norway and Brazil Søreide, Tina; Abramo, Claudio Weber
1996 Collective Identities and Social Movements Stokke, Hugo; Tjomsland, Marit
2003 Community Driven Development in Contexts of Conflict. Concept Paper Commissioned by ESSD, World Bank Strand, Arne; Toje, Hege; Jerve, Alf Morten; Samset, Ingrid
2003 Company influence on foreign aid disbursement: Is conditionality credible when donors have mixed motives? Villanger, Espen
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