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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Political Islam in South Asia Knudsen, Are
2003 Political Islam in the Middle East Knudsen, Are
1992 Politics, Administration and Agricultural Development. The Case of Botswana's Accelerated Rainfed Arable Programme Børhaug, Kjetil
2010 The politics of women's representation in Sudan: Debating women's rights in islam from the elites to the grassroots Tønnesen, Liv; Kjøstvedt, Hilde Granås
1992 Politisk liberalisering og økonomisk reform Skålnes, Tor
1992 Population and Development Planning. A Demographic Study of the Hambantota Integrated Rural Development Programme in Sri Lanka Miranda, Armindo; de Silva, Soma
1997 Population and Environment Relationships in Developing Countries: A Select Review of Approaches and Methods Marquette, Catherine
2000 Post-war reconciliation and democratization: Concepts, goals and lessons learnt Hydén, Göran
2000 Poverty and development in Tanzania: A discussion note Jerve, Alf Morten; Ofstad, Arve
2005 Poverty in Mozambique Discourse, Analysis and Monitoring. Suggestions for National Stakeholders and the Donor Community Isaksen, Jan; Staaland, Anette; Weimer, Bernhard
2004 Poverty reduction strategy processes in Malawi and Zambia Bwalya, Edgar; Rakner, Lise; Svåsand, Lars; Tostensen, Arne; Tsoka, Maxton
2004 Powerful donors and foreign policy: The role of multilateral financial institutions Villanger, Espen
2005 Precarious peacebuilding: Post-war Lebanon, 1990-2005 Knudsen, Are
1998 Profitt eller moral? Ein diskusjon om næringslivsinteresser og menneskerettar Skaar, Elin
2009 Promoting defence management and security sector reform in Southern Africa. An assessment of SADSEM's achievements, impacts and future challenges Tjønneland, Elling N.; Albertyn, Chris; Pere, Garth le; Heggstad, Kari; Vickers, Brendan
2004 Promoting investment in small Caribbean states Kolstad, Ivar; Villanger, Espen
2000 Prospects for Tanzania's Mining Sector Granberg, Per
1998 Protected Marine Reserves as Fisheries Management Tools: A Bioeconomic Analysis Sumaila, Ussif Rashid
1998 Protective Strategies in the 1990s: A Review of the Policy Discourses in UNHCR and the Executive Committee. Report prepared under a grant from the Research Programme on Forced Migration, the Research Council of Norway Tjore, Gro
2006 PRSP in Tanzania: Do Mkukuta and the CCm Election Manifesto Pull in the same Direction? Selbervik, Hilde
2009 The pursuit of integrity in customs: Experiences from sub-Saharan Africa Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge
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