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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Administering Uganda's 2006 Multiparty Elections: The Role of the Electoral Commission Makara, Sabiti; Rakner, Lise; Sabastiano, Rwengabo
2010 Afghan hydrocarbons: A source for development for conflict? A risk assessment of Norwegian involvement in development of the Afghan oil and gas industry Strand, Arne; Hakim, Mohammad; Newrosi, Sediqa; Sarwari, Akbar; Williams, Aled
2007 Afghanistan: An Assessment of Conflict and Actors in Faryab Province to Establish a Basis for Increased Norwegian Civilian Involvement. How can Future Norwegian Involvement best be Targeted and Organised? Bauck, Petter; Strand, Arne; Hakim, Mohammad; Akbari, Arghawan
2001 Afghanistan: Current Humanitarian Challenges Strand, Arne; Harpviken, Kristian Berg; Najimi, A.W.
2005 Afghanistan: Findings on Education, Environment, Gender, Health, Livelihood and Water and Sanitation. From Multidonor Evaluation of Emergency and Reconstruction Assistance from Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom Munsch, Holger; Saba, Daud; Basiri, Sadiqa; Taksdal, Merete; Grey, Sarah; Ellert, Richard
1992 Afrikas økonomiske krise - finnes det grunnlag for reformer? En elementær innføring Ofstad, Arve
2006 The Aid Agencies and the Fragile States Agenda Wimpelmann, Torunn
2009 Aid for trade: A misdirected initiative? Wiig, Arne
2005 Aid, growth and peace: A comparative analysis Suhrke, Astri; Buckmaster, Julia
2004 Aid to Judicial Reform: Norwegian and International Experiences Skaar, Elin; Samset, Ingrid; Gloppen, Siri
2002 An analysis of Tanzania's 1998 imports. A sector of origin and end use analysis of Tanzania's goods imports, undertaken for the Macmod model Granberg, Per
2000 Angola 1999/2000. Key Development Issues and National Research Capacity Tvedten, Inge; Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2001 Angola 2000/2001. Key Development Issues and the Role of NGOs Tvedten, Inge
2002 Angola 2001/2002. Key Development Issues and Aid in a Context of Peace Tvedten, Inge; Adauta, Mario; Cain, Allan; Hodges, Tony; Kibble, Steve; Pacheco, Fernando
2003 Angola 2002/2003. Key Development Issues and Democratic Decentralisation Tvedten, Inge; Orre, Aslak; Bakke, Rasmus
2004 Angola 2003/2004. Waiting for elections Miranda, Armindo
1996 Angola og norsk bistand Tvedten, Inge
2001 Anthropological perspectives on corruption Sissener, Tone Kristin
2008 Applied Social Science Research in Afghanistan. An Overview of the Institutional Landscape Suhrke, Astri; Wimpelmann Chaudhary, Torunn; Harpviken Berg, Kristian; Sarwari, Akbar; Strand, Arne
2007 Arab Foreign Aid: Disbursement Patterns, Aid Policies and Motives Villanger, Espen
2007 Asian Models for Aid: Is there a Non-Western Approach to Development Assistance? Summary record of seminar held in Oslo, December 2006 Jerve, Alf Morten
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