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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Rich Meets Poor - an International Fairness Experiment Cappelen, Alexander W.; Moene, Karl Ove; Sørensen, Erik Ø.; Tungodden, Bertil
2004 Risk and disintermediation in tourism Wiig, Arne
2000 The Role of Government in Growth and Income Distribution: The Case of Botswana Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2004 The role of participation and empowerment in income and poverty dynamics in Indonesia 1993-2000 Villanger, Espen; Enes, Anette
2010 The role of the churches in poverty reduction in Angola Jensen, Søren Kirk; Pestana, Nelson
2004 The Role of the Judiciary in the 2004 General Elections in Malawi Gloppen, Siri; Kanyongolo, Edge
2009 Rukwa Ruka. The attempt of a foreign donor to uplift a neglected region: A study of the impact of Norwegian aid to Rukwa Region, Tanzania Jerve, Alf Morten; Ntemi, E.J.K.
2004 Rural-urban linkages in sub-Saharan Africa: Contemporary debates and implications for Kenyan urban workers in the 21st century Tostensen, Arne
2004 SADC in 2003: Restructuring and Progress in Regional Integration Isaksen, Jan
2005 SADC's Restructuring and Emerging Policies Options for Norwegian Support Tjønneland, Elling N.; Jan, Isaksen; Le Pere, Garth
1992 Safeguarding the Right to Asylum Suhrke, Astri
2003 The SAPRIN Report: An assessment of the empirical analysis supporting main conclusions Villanger, Espen; Pausewang, Siegfried; Jerve, Alf Morten
1992 Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in Bangladesh. Its Growth and State Expenditures: A Time-series Analysis of 1981-90 Alam, Mahmudul
2007 Security for Many or Surplus for the Few? Customary Tenure and Social Differentiation in Southern Malawi Jul-Larsen, Eyolf; Mvula, Peter
2002 A selected survey of traditional and evolutionary game theory Sumaila, Ussif Rashid; Apaloo, Joseph
2009 Self-interest and global responsibility: Aid policies of South Korea and India in the making Jerve, Alf Morten; Selbervik, Hilde
2004 Selskapers sosiale ansvarlighet. En teoretisk analyse og empirisk undersøkelse av bedrifter i Malaysia Spissøy, Arild
1992 Setting a Standard for Africa? Lessons from the 1991 Zambian Elections Andreassen, Bård-Anders; Geisler, Gisela; Tostensen, Arne
1997 Share-tenancy within the household unit Bøe, Turid
1994 Shifting Cultivation and "Deforestation". A Study from Sumatra, Indonesia Angelsen, Arild
1994 Shifting Cultivation Expansion and Intensity of Production: The Open Economy Case Angelsen, Arild
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