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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Determinants of inflation in Tanzania Laryea, Samuel A.; Sumaila, Ussif Rashid
1993 Determinants of Late Development. A Study of Turkey's Late Industrialisation Attempt until 1946 Pamir, Mete
1993 Development Planning and the Importance of Democratic Institutions in Botswana Danevad, Andreas
1993 Development Theory: Recent Trends. Proceedings of the NFU Annual Conference 1992 Ofstad, Arve; Wiig, Arne
2007 Discrimination in the Name of Religious Freedom: The Rights of Women and Non-Muslims after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan Tønnessen, Liv; Roald, Anne Sofie
1996 A Discussion of Three Theoretical Approaches to Modernity: Understanding Modernity as a Globalising Phenomenon Tjomsland, Marit
1998 Does Aid to Institution Development Work? Reflections on Personal Experiences Nordbye, Ole David Koht
2001 Does Parliament Matter in New Democracies? The Case of South Africa 1994-2000 Mathisen, Harald W.; Tjønneland, Elling N.
2005 Does Social Development Affect Poverty? The Role of Participation in Income Dynamics in Indonesia 1993-2000 Villanger, Espen
1994 Do Interest Groups Matter in Economic Policy-Making? Reflections from a Zambian case study Rakner, Lise
2007 Donor Support to Political Parties: Status and Principles Amundsen, Inge
2005 "Economic Aid to Post-Conflict Countries: A Methodological Critique of Collier and Hoeffler" Suhrke, Astri; Villanger, Espen; Woodward, Susan L.
1996 Economic Analysis of Land Degradation in Indonesian Upland Arifin, Bustanul
1997 Economic development and industrial structure - an overview Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
2000 Economic growth, employment, and decentralised development in Sri Lanka Ofstad, Arve
2000 The economic organisation of specific assets Kvaløy, Ola
2006 Economic Prospects for Ethiopia and Challenges for Poverty Reduction Villanger, Espen
1992 Economic Reconstruction and the Peasants in Ethiopia. Two Papers Presented at the Symposium on the Ethiopian Economy, with a Postscript Cheru, Fantu; Pausewang, Siegfried
2003 The effects of disasters on income mobility: Bootstrap inference and measurement error simulations Villanger, Espen
2006 The Effects on Agrarian Contracts of a Governmental Intervention into Bonded Labor in the Western Terai of Nepal Hatlebakk, Magnus
1999 Effekter i mottakerlandene av norske petroleumsinvesteringer med hovedvekt på Angola Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik; Tvedten, Inge; Wiig, Arne
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