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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994 Migrant Fishermen in Congo: Tradition and Modernity Jul-Larsen, Eyolf
1992 Migration, State and Civil Society in Southeast Asia Suhrke, Astri
1996 Mobilising Resources for Regional Integration in Southern Africa: Towards a SADC Capacity-Building Fund Georgala, Steven; Tostensen, Arne
2000 Monetary Variables in Macmod. A note concerning the introduction of monetary variables in the Tanzanian macro economic model: Macmod Granberg, Per
2005 "Money has no Name": Informalisation, Unemployment and changing Gender Relations in Accara, Ghana Overå, Ragnhild
2009 Monitoring and evaluating Mozambique's poverty reduction strategy PARPA 2006-2008. A synopsis of three qualitative studies on rural and urban poverty Tvedten, Inge; Paulo, Margarida; Rosário, Carmeliza
1997 Mountain protected areas in Northern Pakistan: the case of Khunjerab National Park Knudsen, Are J.
2000 Mozambique - a sub-Saharan African NIC? Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik; Pretorius, Leon
2008 'Mucupuki'. Social relations of rural-urban poverty in central Mozambique Rosário, Carmeliza; Tvedten, Inge; Paulo, Margarido
2002 Multiparty elections in Africa's new democracies Rakner, Lise; Svåsand, Lars
1992 Multiple inflasjonslikevekter og deres stabilitet: En drøfting av stabiliseringsprogrammene i Argentina, Brasil og Israel på midten av 1980-tallet Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge
1992 Negotiating the "In-between". Modernizing Practices and Identities in Post-colonial Tunisia Tjomsland, Marit
2004 Networks, distance and trust: Telecommunications and changing trading practices in Ghana Overå, Ragnhild
1997 NGOs in Conflict - an Evaluation of International Alert Sørbø, Gunnar M.; Macrae, Joanna; Wohlgemuth, Lennart
1994 Non-Cooperation in Fish Exploitation. The Case of Irreversible Capital Investment in the Arcto-Norwegian Cod Fishery Sumaila, Ussif Rashid
2009 Non-state actors and democratic consolidation Svåsand, Lars; Tostensen, Arne
2008 The Norad Programme in Arts and Cultural Education. A Mid-Term Review of the Programme Period 2006-2008/9 Lange, Siri; Songoyi, Elias M.
2005 The NORAD Programme in Arts and Cultural Education. A review of the first phase 2002-2004 Lange, Siri
2006 Nordic Exeptionalism in Development Assistance? Aid Policies and the Major Donors: The Nordic Countries Selbervik, Hilde; Nygaard, Knut
2003 Norway and Security Sector Reform in Developing Countries Tjønneland, Elling N.
2004 Norway and the NGO Channel The Case of South Africa Tjønneland, Elling N.
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