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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Gender policies and feminisation of poverty in Mozambique Tvedten, Inge; Paulo, Margarida; Montserrat, Georgina
2008 Expectativas e receios face às eleições de 2008. O impacto de 1992 Wacussanga, Jacinto; Abreu, Cesaltina; Amundsen, Inge; Tøndel, Line
2008 Rich Meets Poor - an International Fairness Experiment Cappelen, Alexander W.; Moene, Karl Ove; Sørensen, Erik Ø.; Tungodden, Bertil
2008 Opposition Parties and the Upcoming 2008 Parliamentary Elections in Angola Amundsen, Inge; Weimer, Markus
2008 Social Funds in Angola. Channels, Amounts and Impact Amundsen, Inge; Wiig, Arne
2008 Crime, Poverty and Police Corruption in Developing Countries Andvig, Jens Chr.; Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge
2008 Administering Uganda's 2006 Multiparty Elections: The Role of the Electoral Commission Makara, Sabiti; Rakner, Lise; Sabastiano, Rwengabo
2008 Kjønns- og likestillingsrettet utviklingssamarbeid. Kartlegging av kompetansemiljø i Norge Ask, Karin; Lange, Siri
2008 Applied Social Science Research in Afghanistan. An Overview of the Institutional Landscape Suhrke, Astri; Wimpelmann Chaudhary, Torunn; Harpviken Berg, Kristian; Sarwari, Akbar; Strand, Arne
2008 “Making Elections is like Preparing Funge:If you don’t do it Right it goes Puiti-Puiti!” Review of Norwegian Support to Development Workshop’s Programme for Civic and Electoral Education among State and Civil Society Actors Orre, Aslak; Larssen, Christian; Sánchez, Manolo
2008 "How can the Elections Help us Quell Hunger?" Mid-Term Review of Norwegian Support to UNDP's Trust Fund for Civic Education Orre, Aslak; Larssen, Christian; Sánchez, Manolo
2008 Evaluación:Cooperación del Fondo de Asistencia Internacional de los Estudiantes y Académicos Noruegos (SAIH) con las Unidades Académicas Campesinas (UACs), Bolivia McNeish, John-Andrew; Böhrt, Ana Cecilia Arteaga
2008 Evaluation: Norwegian Student and Academics' International Assistance Fund's (SAIH) Cooperation with the Bolivian Unidades Academicas Campesinas (Peasant Academic Units UACs) McNeish, John-Andrew; Böhrt, Ana Cecilia Arteaga
2008 Decentralisation and Gender Coordination and Cooperation on Maternal Health Issues in Selected District Councils in Tanzania Schanke, Liss; Lange, Siri
2008 Return in Dignity, Return to What? Review of the Voluntary Return Programme to Afghanistan Strand, Arne; Akbari, Arghawan; Chaudhary, Torunn Wimpelmann
2008 The Norad Programme in Arts and Cultural Education. A Mid-Term Review of the Programme Period 2006-2008/9 Lange, Siri; Songoyi, Elias M.
2008 Hvordan gjøre gode ting bedre? Norske bedrifters CSR aktiviteter i utviklingsland Kolstad, Ivar; Wiig, Arne; Larsen, Heidi
2008 Mid-term review of the country programme (MoU: 2003:2008) between Norway and Bangladesh Wiig, Arne; Ghuznavi, Farah; Jerve, Alf Morten
2008 Land tenure and mining in Tanzania Lange, Siri
2008 The Mapuche People's Battle for Indigenous Land. Litigation as a Strategy to Defend Indigenous Land Rights Skjævestad, Anne
2008 Bureaucratic Complexity and Impacts of Corruption in Utilities Tøndel, Line; Søreide, Tina
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