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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992 Økonomisk velferdsteori og fordelingsaspektet Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge
1992 Economic Reconstruction and the Peasants in Ethiopia. Two Papers Presented at the Symposium on the Ethiopian Economy, with a Postscript Cheru, Fantu; Pausewang, Siegfried
1992 "Kvinner i utvikling" i Gambia. Nye kjønnsrelasjoner med hjelp fra Verdensbanken? Skramstad, Heidi
1992 Strengthening Cooperation in Documentation for Development. A Seminar on Networking with Special Emphasis on NGOS. Le Renforcement de la Cooperation en Matiere de Documentation sur le Development. Séminaire sur les différents réseaux et en particulier ceux des organisations non gouvernmentales (ONG) Paris, 3-6 September 1991 -
1992 Migration, State and Civil Society in Southeast Asia Suhrke, Astri
1992 Safeguarding the Right to Asylum Suhrke, Astri
1992 Politisk liberalisering og økonomisk reform Skålnes, Tor
1992 Negotiating the "In-between". Modernizing Practices and Identities in Post-colonial Tunisia Tjomsland, Marit
1992 Opprinnelsesland - signal om kvalitet? En samvalganalyse av konsumenters vurderinger ved kjøp av klær fra utviklingsland Wiig, Arne
1992 The Queens' Daughters: Prostitutes as an Outcast Group in Colonial India Chatterjee, Ratnabali
1992 Verdensbankens verdensbilde Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge
1992 Trade Unions in Processes of Democratisation. A Study of Party Labour Relations in Zambia Rakner, Lise
1992 Setting a Standard for Africa? Lessons from the 1991 Zambian Elections Andreassen, Bård-Anders; Geisler, Gisela; Tostensen, Arne
1992 Norwegian Development Aid Evaluations 1980-1989. A Bibliography Tvedt, Terje; Brekke, Hilde; Bråten, Eldar
1992 Politics, Administration and Agricultural Development. The Case of Botswana's Accelerated Rainfed Arable Programme Børhaug, Kjetil
1992 Population and Development Planning. A Demographic Study of the Hambantota Integrated Rural Development Programme in Sri Lanka Miranda, Armindo; de Silva, Soma
1991 Inner Frontiers: Santal Responses to Acculturation Carrin-Bouez, Marine
1991 Cost-Benefit Analysis, Discounting, and the Environmental Critique: Overloading of the Discount Rate? Angelsen, Arild
1991 Food Insecurity and Coping Strategies among the Low Income Urban Households in Malawi Chilowa, Wycliffe
1991 Islam, menneskerettigheter og utviklingsprosesser Gule, Lars
1991 Menneskerettigheter og utviklingsprosesser. Sentrale tema i samfunnsvitenskapelig og humanistisk menneskerettighetsforskning Gloppen, Siri; Rakner, Lise
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