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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Political Institutions and Economic Reform: Zambia and South Africa in Comparative Context Rakner, Lise; Skålnes, Tor
1996 Rational Choice and the Problem of Institutions. A discussion of Rational Choice Institutionalism and its Application by Robert Bates Rakner, Lise
1996 Economic Analysis of Land Degradation in Indonesian Upland Arifin, Bustanul
1996 Eneweyay (Let's Discuss). Report from a training programme for democracy in rural Ethiopia Pausewang, Siegfried
1996 Deforestation: Population or Market Driven? Different Approaches in Modelling Agricultural Expansion Angelsen, Arild
1996 Debt and Deforestation: A Tenuous Link Angelsen, Arild; Culas, Richard
1996 Deforestation and entrepreneurship in the North West Frontier Province, Pakistan Knudsen, Are J.
1996 Trade and Growth with Static and Dynamic Economies of Scale Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik
1996 Dealing with the good and the evil. Introducing morality as an anthropological concern Lønning, Dag Jørund
1996 Tax evasion and corruption in local governments in Tanzania: Alternative economic approaches Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge
1996 Collective Identities and Social Movements Stokke, Hugo; Tjomsland, Marit
1996 Angola og norsk bistand Tvedten, Inge
1996 Human Rights Self-Monitoring:A Proposal for the Northern European Democracies Donnelly, Jack; Howard, Rhoda E.
1996 Handel og arbeidstandarder: Barnearbeid Wiig, Arne
1996 Mobilising Resources for Regional Integration in Southern Africa: Towards a SADC Capacity-Building Fund Georgala, Steven; Tostensen, Arne
1996 Whither Nordic/SADC Relations? Atkinson, Keith; Tostensen, Arne
1996 CMI Bibliography 1965-1995 Brekke, Hilde; Sperrevik, Hilde
1996 Botswana - 30 years of economic growth, democracy and aid: Is there a connection? Rakner, Lise
1997 Strategic Dynamic Interaction: The Case of Barents Sea Fisheries Sumaila, Ussif Rashid
1997 Share-tenancy within the household unit Bøe, Turid
1997 Evolutionary Game Theory and the Battle of the Sexes Bøe, Turid
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