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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Indigenous women's access to justice in Latin America Sieder, Rachel; Sierra, Maria Teresa
2010 The impact of wealth and female autonomy on fertility decisions in Nepal: An econometric analysis Gudbrandsen, Njård Håkon
2010 Caste, local networks and lucrative jobs: Evidence from rural Nepal Hatlebakk, Magnus; Iversen, Vegard; Torsvik, Gaute
2010 Support for parliaments : Tanzania and beyond Amundsen, Inge
2010 "A woman should not be the boss when a man is present": Gender and poverty in Southern Mozambique Tvedten, Inge; Paulo, Margarida; Tuominen, Minna
2010 How banks assist capital flight from Africa: A literature review Heggstad, Kari; Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge
2010 Afghan hydrocarbons: A source for development for conflict? A risk assessment of Norwegian involvement in development of the Afghan oil and gas industry Strand, Arne; Hakim, Mohammad; Newrosi, Sediqa; Sarwari, Akbar; Williams, Aled
2010 Learning to build a sustainable peace: Ownership and everyday peacebuilding Sending, Ole Jacob (ed.)
2010 'Opitanha' revisited. Assessing the implications of PARPA II in rural northern Mozambique 2006-2009 Tvedten, Inge; Paulo, Margarida; Rosário, Carmeliza
2010 The politics of women's representation in Sudan: Debating women's rights in islam from the elites to the grassroots Tønnesen, Liv; Kjøstvedt, Hilde Granås
2010 The role of the churches in poverty reduction in Angola Jensen, Søren Kirk; Pestana, Nelson
2009 Kalandula e os CACS. Voz activa ou prestação de contas Orre, Aslak
2009 Statistical evidence on social and economic exclusion in Nepal Das, Arun K.L.; Hatlebakk, Magnus
2009 "If men and women were equal, we would all simply be people". Gender and poverty in northern Mozambique Tvedten, Inge; Paulo, Margarida; Tuominen, Minna
2009 Haydom Lutheran Hospital - Final project review Mæstad, Ottar; Mwisongo, Aziza
2009 Rukwa Ruka. The attempt of a foreign donor to uplift a neglected region: A study of the impact of Norwegian aid to Rukwa Region, Tanzania Jerve, Alf Morten; Ntemi, E.J.K.
2009 Research for improved health worker performance. International Workshop Bergen, Norway, May 2009 Mæstad, Ottar
2009 Beyond the surge: Policy options for Afghanistan Seminar Report
2009 Self-interest and global responsibility: Aid policies of South Korea and India in the making Jerve, Alf Morten; Selbervik, Hilde
2009 Promoting defence management and security sector reform in Southern Africa. An assessment of SADSEM's achievements, impacts and future challenges Tjønneland, Elling N.; Albertyn, Chris; Pere, Garth le; Heggstad, Kari; Vickers, Brendan
2009 Cultural cooperation with Nepal Lange, Siri; Shrestha, Era; Korvald, Tordis
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